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GAG Ware.  Our software.  Developed by The GAG Guys and built with our own grubby little GAG-Hands.  Just like our name says, we are in the business of producing computer software.   Computer software designed and tested by land surveyors.  Programs that you know will work and not crash or corrupt your data.

The top ten reasons to buy GAG Ware:

  • It's cool...

  • It's trendy...

  • It's cheap (we prefer it's inexpensive)...

  • It's been developed by surveyors...

  • Did we say that it's cool?

  • It works...

  • It's better than doing it by hand!

  • Get finished sooner so you can goof off more!!!

  • Let's you be on the cutting edge...

  • Helps us pay the rent...


Our Stuff

Use the links below to see just what we have to offer...

GAG-L.A.P. - A Level Adjustment Program


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