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Our Mission

GAG Computer Software, Inc. is committed to providing the most up to date software and instructional products to surveyors licensed under the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DOACS).  

Company Profile

GAG Computer Software, Inc. is comprised of Florida Professional Land Surveyors who are familiar with today's land surveying technology and the needs of today's Land Surveying professionals.

GAG Computer Software, Inc. is recognized by the Board of Professional Land Surveyors as a provider of Continuing Education for Land Surveyors in the State of Florida.  We offer continuing education credits by distance learning (correspondence courses) or instructor led seminars.

Web Site News

We had a couple of bad links in the downloads area but those have been fixed now so everything should download properly.  If you do encounter a bad link please let me know so that I can fix it.

What's New!!!

New E-Mail Address

Due to a multitude of spam polluting our e-mail address, we have been forced to change it.  Our email address is now "the(period)gag(period)guys@backsight.com".  Replace the (period) with a real "."...

GAG CEU Programs

We don't have any class room seminars scheduled but our correspondence courses are available for download.  Our Chapter 177 and Florida Laws CEU programs have been updated.  Each program is being updated to ensure that it is in step with the current regulations. 

Our 5J-17 CEU program is also undergoing revision as there have been quite a few changes to it.  I will get it updated as soon as I can.

I have also stripped the CEU exams out of the programs and made them a separate download.  Splitting them up will make things easier on me when it comes to updating the exam questions.  So when you download a CEU program make sure that you also download the exam.

Chapter 5J-17

Changes to 5J-17 have been published and we have them for your consideration.  There is a .PDF file of Chapter 5J-17 on our Downloads page.

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