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5J-17 F.A.C. (SOP)


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Standards of Practice - Chapter 5J-17 F.A.C.

This correspondence course deals with various requirements of the Standards of Practice (SOP) as they are presented in Chapter 5J-17 of the Florida Administrative Code.  We constantly update our materials so you can be assured that the material contained in this presentation is current!

This course has been approved by the Florida Board of Professional Surveyors & Mappers and completion of this course will earn you eight (8) CEU hours!

Chapter 5J-17-17.041 of the Florida Administrative Code no longer requires that CEU hours be classified as General, Laws & Rules or Standards of Practice.  Now everything will just be Continuing Education Hours.

Course Requirements

To complete this course, you will need the following:

  •   A Windows-based computer

  •   Adobe PDF Reader

  •   Time...

How To Obtain This Course

This correspondence course sells for $100.00. 


You can obtain this course two different ways.  First, you can purchase it now using Pay Pal and download it directly from our web site.  That way, you can get to work right away!


Or,  you can call us, fax us or e-mail us and we will ship the course to you on a CD (shipping charges will be applied).  We will make sure and include an invoice with the CD.

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