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5J-17 F.A.C. (SOP)
Florida Laws
Chapter 177, F.S.
The .OBS File

Correspondence Courses

These are great!  Our unique correspondence course system allows you to run any of our CEU programs directly from your computer!  If you can point and click your way around a web site, then you can use our correspondence courses because they function just like a web page.  Everything is just point and click.  It's easy!

Our Correspondence Courses Feature:

  • A web page-like interface where you just point and click.  Our CEU courses are programs that sit on your computer.  No notebook full of pages to keep track of or take up space in your office.

  • Use the built-in search feature to look for specific topics.  Keep it on your computer and use it as a reference.

  • It will remember where you leave off.  Close the program and go have a brew.  When you re-start it later, our program will pick up right where you left off!

  • No Shipping charges for you to pay!  Just download the program of your choice from our web site.

Included in each program is a test covering the material that was presented to you.  The test is a .PDF file so no printing is required.  Just complete it and e-mail it to us and return it to us for grading.  You must score a 70% on the exam in order to receive credit for the CEU course.  You may re-submit the exam as many times as needed in order to secure a passing score.  

Available Courses

These are the correspondence courses that are currently available.  More will be added in the future so keep checking back!

5J-17 F.A.C. (SOP) Florida Laws Chapter 177, F.S. The .OBS File

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