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This fine collection of files has been developed and created by the one and only Dr. Ray Hintz.  If you encounter a link that does not function, please let us know.

CEFB Files

This download contains all of the files that are needed to convert raw CEFB field data into a standard Observation File (.OBS) format for processing with EFBP.  It also includes all of the files needed to operate CEFB in the field.  This download includes the January program update of the CEFB.EXE file and the 2000 - 2005 ephemeris.

CEFB Documentation

This download contains the original CEFB documentation as prepared by the BLM.  These files are in Word Perfect format but Microsoft Word will open them.  Some reformatting will be required.

Files for Windows 7

This is a collection of some of Ray's programs that will run on WIndows 7 so things like DOS Box are not needed.  This includes the routines CHK, CTL, DXFEFBP, EFBP, EFBPPT, FIXIT, LCHK, RENOBS, SORT, TOENZ, TONEZ and TONEZD.

EFBP Processing Files

This download contains all of the files that are needed for processing EFB and/or CEFB raw data files.  This includes EFBP.EXE and CTL.EXE. 

Hector the Vector

This download contains a Windows-friendly version of Hector the Vector.  It is NOT a true Windows application but it just runs under Windows or Windows NT without a DOS Extender being needed!  This archive also includes the GETOPUS utility.


This download contains a program that will allow you to extract vector information from an OPUS-RS extended output file.  This information will be used to create a properly formatted INFO.VEC file for use with Hector the Vector.  Instructions are included in both .TXT and .DOC format.


This download contains a program that will read and .OBS file, extract the survey chains that it contains and write them to a .KCP file.  This is one of the ways to get survey chains from EFB 3 to CAiCE.


This download contains the translator to convert TDS field survey data into a standard .OBS format file.

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